I'm going to make this short and sweet:


The role of the Holy Spirit is to constantly draw attention to the scandalous, revolutionary person of Jesus, and to engage us with the world around us through the lens of Jesus. 

The role of Jesus is to fully reveal the Father in a way we can see and hear and know, even if it means spilling his own blood at our hands as he declares forgiveness over us. 



The role of the Holy Spirit is to give us special experiences of elation or magic, and draw our attention to wanting more of the same as he basically distracts us from the world around us. 

The role of Jesus is to save us from the wrath of an angry God, who needs spilled blood in order to forgive. 


In one view, Jesus is perfect theology, and he completely defines God, while the Spirit of God is always reminding us of this - teaching us and leading us down the path of Jesus’ way... But in the other view? Well, Jesus does nothing to change our baseline understanding of God, and the Spirit has gone rogue - crafting escapist experiences for those who’ve joined God's religious team, so that they can experience a “father” more like the one they had already assumed before Jesus even entered the picture. 

In the first view, the Trinity is harmonious. GOD IS ONE. 

In the second view, the Trinity is manic, scattered, and at odds with itself. GOD IS NOT ONE. 

In the first view, Jesus is necessary for everything. So JESUS IS LORD. 

In the second view, Jesus is only necessary to satisfy some cosmic requirement. We already understood God just fine. So JESUS IS NOT LORD. 

We could look at it in many more ways, but the simple thing we're left to grapple with is this: 

There are some stark contrasts between the ideal of the kingdom and the status quo. And whether or not we see those contrasts says a lot about whether or not we can see the kingdom.